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Montag, 10.08.2020

Englandfahrt der Klassen 7ab und 7b

Vom 19. bis 23. März 2018 sind die Klassen 7b und 7ab nach England gefahren. In England wohnten wir in Gastfamilien. Dort haben wir gefrühstückt, zu Abend gegessen und ganz viel Englisch geredet. Dienstags fuhren wir nach Brighton und machten eine Stadtführung. Von Brighton fuhren wir nach Hastings. Wir hatten freie Zeit, um mit unseren Freunden die kleine Stadt zu erkunden. Die meisten Schüler und Schülerinnen gingen etwas essen. In England gibt es eine berühmte Spezialität. Diese heißt: Fish & Chips. Danach sind wir zu einer Burg gegangen. Dort machten wir auch ein paar schöne Klassenfotos. Am Mittwoch war der allerbeste Tag, denn wir sind nach London gefahren. Als wir in der Stadt ankamen, überquerten wir die Tower Bridge mit dem Bus und der Busfahrer setzte uns am Tower of London ab. Wir besichtigten den Tower und sahen die Kronjuwelen. Dann machten wir Klassenfotos vor der Tower Bridge. Als Nächstes sind wir mit einem Boot über die Themse gefahren und haben das London Eye gesehen. Am Big Ben sind wir ausgestiegen. Wir machten einen Stadtrundgang und sahen Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, den St. James Park und den Buckingham Palace. Am Donnerstag haben wir die Seven Sisters besichtigt. Das sind berühmte englische Klippen. Außerdem sahen wir den Strand und das Meer. Danach fuhren wir wieder nach Brighton und konnten uns dort in kleinen Gruppen frei bewegen. Wir waren shoppen und haben Souvenirs für unsere Freunde und Familien gekauft. Am Abend packten alle ihre Taschen, denn am nächsten Tag war es schon so weit. Wir fuhren nach Hause. Um 22:30 Uhr kamen wir an unserer Schule an. Wir waren müde, aber sehr glücklich über die tolle Klassenfahrt. Danke an alle, die uns bei dieser Klassenfahrt begleitet haben.

Michele Shodrina

Diary: My class trip to England 2015

Monday, 29th June 2015:
Today was the day of getting up very early (already at 4 am!!!) but also of jumping out of bed excitedly because of the fact that the class trip to England was about to start very soon. When I arrived at school, many pupils and parents were already running around enthusiastically and many complaints were stated about baggage which was not cleared away or pupils who were shouting and screaming.
Finally, at 6 am after everyone had found a seat in the comfortable double-deck bus the two classes 7ab and 7b were ready to start for their trip to England.
After seven long and exhausting hours on the coach, it was time for taking out the identity cards to produce them at the passport control where the chance was given to talk to English people for the very first time and to forge an opinion about Britons.
After everyone had passed the gate without any problems, the journey could be continued on the ferry which was supposed to see the classes safely across the sea. Two hours later the ferry had smoothly arrived at Dover and everyone was reminded of the time change which was really confusing at first because of the fact that we lived just the same hour twice that day. What an exciting fact!
Finally after a really long trip by bus and by ferry which had taken about ten hours on the whole everybody was relieved to arrive at the youth hostel in the evening where we had our first English dinner, a very British pizza with chips cooked by a very British cook who confirmed the cliché that English people are really polite, friendly and sympathetic.
After the dinner had been finished, all pupils went into their rooms to unpack their baggage and to go to bed.

Tuesday, 30th June 2015:
This Tuesday was not less eventful than Monday before because it was time to paint Brighton red! After a short drive to Brighton by bus a really nice tour guide from Brighton joined our class and told us many things about this beautiful city. We were informed about the architecture of the buildings in the city centre, we learnt about the most interesting shops which were worth being visited and in the end we got to know some significant customs which were typical in Brighton every year. After that we were allowed to have a closer look at Brighton Pier which is a huge white coloured building on a pier located over the sea. While we were walking over the pier I took the great chance to take some nice photos of the sea with the pier in the background. I am sure my family will be rather jealous of me when I will be showing my photos of this amazing part of England to them! :-) After our long walk over the pier, we finally got the chance to move about freely in Brighton's city centre with our group and my friends and I spent a lot of time in a perfect souvenir shop which was extremely well stocked and everyone of us found something to buy for his or her family. I am incredibly proud of my pickings: Firstly I spotted a very nice ruler with lots of English sights and information about these buildings which I am going to present to my brother at home but then I found a souvenir which got me out of my breath: a large purse made of supple leather with pictures of my favourite boyband “One Direction“ on it! ;-) I had to buy these two things right away because otherwise it would have been a deep sin not to do so.
But the shop assistant was awesome, too. Just as he realized that I wanted to buy my two souvenirs he smiled at me in a really friendly way and said to me: “Well, I see that there are many Directioners [these are called the fans of “One Direction“] in your class ...“ I smiled at him and I told him that he had an amazing shop with many great souvenirs. Now you can realize: This Briton has also confirmed the nice cliché like the British cook on Monday. :-)
As our trip in Brighton moved on, I also saw some nice buskers in the streets and I could not help but give them a little bit of my change which I had received in the souvenir shop to bring a little happiness back to the people in Brighton which they had presented to me before.

Wednesday, 1st July 2015:
After we had bought some provisions for our trip to London, it was time to pack our backpacks and to get ready for Great Britain's capital: London!
As you might guess, we also had to reach London by bus again which took us about two hours although London is not that far away from our youth hostel in the South-Downs but as almost everyone knows, the British traffic is one of the most unpredictable things in the world. ;-) Well, as the classes finally arrived in the city, we were primarily surprised about the extremely hot temperature outside and everyone prepared for a day in the killer heat. After we had finished a cruise on a ferry on London's biggest and most famous river, the Thames, we continued our tour on foot. We visited lots of popular sights such as Big Ben where we could listen to the famous ringing of the clock, the Royal Observatory where we took thousands of photos standing on the most famous line in the world – the Prime Meridian which runs through Greenwich, many red buses and telephone cells, 10 Downing Street where the heart of every Directioner beated a bit louder and quicker as we remembered the music video of One Direction's song called “One way or another“ where One Direction performed a short scene in front of the most popular door in the world, and of course Nando's which is a fast-food restaurant and the favourite restaurant of One Direction's Niall Horan. ;-) You see, I am a huge Directioner but I think you have to go through this. This is my report and my diary entry and you are supposed to read every single line with every single word of it. Sorry. Well, back to work.
After the long sightseeing tour in London with a lot of presentations and information which were bustling about in our heads all day long, we sat down in St James's Park near Buckingham Palace and had a really short but well-earned break. We enjoyed the look at hundreds of ducks and pigeons flapping around our feet.
At the end of the day, all sweaty children were put into the small coach again and we were surprised how creative our bus driver was as he tried to find his way through the notorious traffic of London. :-)

Thursday, 2nd July 2015:
Fortunately, Thursday was a more relaxing day than the three ones before. We had to get up not until seven o'clock, so finally all dark under-eye circles had disappeared and luckily everyone had a brighter smile in his face during the hard time of getting up in the morning. After a very British substantial breakfast and a nice small-talk with one of the most sympathetic cooks I have ever met, the journey went on and it was time for our trip to Alfriston which is a tiny village in the south of England.
On the trip to Alfriston, we had a short stopover in a supermarket where we could complete our provisions for our journey again.
Arriving in Alfriston, no inhabitant was in sight and we wondered what had happened to all the people who used to live there before we realized that Alfriston counts only 750 inhabitants, so we took the chance of the quiet and calm atmosphere to do our exercises in a group rallye in the town as fast as possible to find some nice souvenir shops in Alfriston, too. (Although I think that the great souvenir shop in Brighton is really hard to top! :-) )
Fortunately, we had finished our rallye fast enough because right after the last place to visit, it started to rain and everyone got the experience of real English rain which I think was very important because all people in the world talk about the English precipitation and it would have been a shame if we had not witnessed that! :-)
After we had filled our shopping bags with a lot of souvenirs from Alfriston, it was already time to go back to the bus again and then it was time to visit Britain's seaside and to go hiking near the chork cliffs. After a thirty- minute-hike in the green nature in the fresh air with lots of jokes, laughs, smiles and also monkeyshines made by the boys we reached the vast cliffs of England's seaside and everyone was impressed because of the amazing view of the sea with the cliff right next to it. But soon – if you believe it or not – a roll of thunder disturbed the beautiful atmosphere and the classes were called upon to leave again because nobody wanted to be the victim of a terrible British thunderstorm. After we had arrived back at the youth hostel, it was finally the time of moment of truth, so we counted how much money we still had to spend. (Fortunately, there were still some pounds in my nice One Direction-purse to spend and the shock was not too hard... ) ;-)
By the way: There were really only seventeen people I saw in Alfriston (if you believe it or not – I counted them!), so I think Alfriston is a great place to relax when you do not want to be disturbed by anything. (And yes, the inhabitants also confirmed the cliché that Britons are behaving impeccable. :-) )

Friday, 3rd July 2015:
On Friday I realized that this day was supposed to be the last one in beautiful England. Early in the morning (that means the under-eye circles had come back - unfortunately) everyone had to pack his or her baggage and get ready for our last sightseeing in Britain: Leeds Castle.
So today was the day of the last small-talk with one of the greatest cooks in the world, the morning of the last typical British breakfast but also the day of the last hours in our small bedroom. After both classes were ready to start the trip to Leeds Castle, there was the bad news that the workers at the port in Calais were on strike, so we realized that we would not be able to terminate the trip as planned, so we had to find another way to travel back to “Good old Germany“, so we had to turn our journey plan topsy-turvy and we went hiking in the green area around the youth hostel until noon when our new plan allowed us to sit down in the bus and to start for our last journey in England to Leeds Castle. Unfortunately, there was not that much time left for visiting the huge castle from the 12th century as planned, so we had to enjoy the whole royal building in less than fifteen minutes, so I was a bit sad because of the far too few impressions the vast castle tried to convey to its visitors. But there was still a chance to take some nice photos of the castle, so I really hope that the photos will transform the special flair of the royal castle a little bit better.
After we had finished our visit to Leeds Castle, it was time to say “Goodbye and see you soon“ to lovely England and we went to Dover-port by bus to get on a ferry to Belgium. We have made it without any problems and past we were on terra firma again, we travelled back to Calais to pick up another busdriver who took us safely back to Saarbruecken through the dark night while everybody tried unsuccessfully to sleep in the bumpy bus. After we had finally arrived at our school in Saarbruecken at 5.30 in the morning, our under-eye circles were much darker than before but we loved to pay this price for meeting our family again who was waiting for us eagerly.

→ To put it in a nutshell, the trip to England was one of the most exciting things I have ever done so far and it was a great to experience the British people, nice souvenir shops and the unpredictable weather (but the under-eye circles were worth it! :-) ).

Nathalie Weber, 7b